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’m Sara Rocha, lawyer @dra.sararocha born in Pará, Brazil, and since I was a child I knew that my destiny was in law. Aware of the gaps in the educational structure of my hometown, at the age of 14 I made the courageous decision to leave home and move to another city, accompanied by my brother and my sister, in search of a more solid education. From an early age, my dream was to study law and become a lawyer. Despite the adversities, I never stopped expressing my determination to my father, stating that I would be a lawyer and study law. I passed the OAB (OAB is the equivalent of a Bar Association or Bar Council in English-speaking countries) for the first time in the ninth semester of college and graduated during the COVID-19 pandemic, facing many difficulties in getting a job, but I had already visualized my future long before that. In 2019, anticipating the challenges of starting my career, as I already knew that I would have difficulty acquiring clients, as I intended to open my own law firm, as I did not have many contacts in the area, I founded the company “Fonte Jurídica”, @fontejuridica , a visionary initiative in the area of legal education. The company’s mission is to contribute to the democratization of education and bring legal knowledge where access is still difficult. I understood the importance of building trust even before graduating and creating a client base. Today I am a specialist in Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure, as well as a businesswoman, teacher, writer and columnist. My inspired journey demonstrates that determination, strategic vision and boldness can turn obstacles into opportunities. I am more than a lawyer; I am a successful legal entrepreneur who continues writing my story in the Brazilian legal scene.

Sara Rocha

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