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I have a heavy background in real estate, a career that flourished with my dedication and hard work. It was one pivotal experience in particular that ignited a deeper curiosity in me, due to being deeply involved in a probate deal, working closely with the estate’s attorney to facilitate the sale of the decedent’s property. Observing the attorney’s profound knowledge and the invaluable assistance provided to the grieving family members, I had an epiphany. I realized that my desire to help my clients could be magnified if I pursued a legal career. It was this revelation that inspired me to take the bold step of going to law school. While immersed in my legal studies, my career aspirations took an unexpected turn. I discovered a burgeoning passion for criminal law, a field that I found both challenging and immensely rewarding. Eager to dive deeper, I secured an internship at the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office as a Certified Law Clerk. Under the mentorship of seasoned Deputy District Attorneys, I had the opportunity to practice law, gaining hands on experience that solidified my commitment to the pursuit of justice. Now that I am licensed to practice law, I’ve switched gears with the real estate brokerage that I work with, by providing contract review, document preparation and other applicable legal advice. I’m also genuinely excited about the prospect of working in criminal prosecution, driven by a profound commitment to upholding justice. I’m enthusiastic about the chance to make a meaningful impact through this vital work.

Felicia Williams @therealestateculture_esq

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